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we handle actully in the real


Brand new

It has been installed a slide-gallery.

Your note to a donation

Also printmedia and books ...

... are important as well as catalogs, leaflets and booklets around the subject 'HomeMovie' and its periphericals, being always importuned for a museum, getting some of those as donations.

  • We are looking for the archive: print material wath ever it is.
  • We haven't every copy of the professional journal 'Schmalfilm' and others.
  • We collect second hand books around 'Home Movie Cinema'.
  • We want to complete our achive with booklets and leaflets.

Compendium: About us

Our goal as museum is collecting HomeMovie equipment to keep a whole age of cinematographic equipment alive, mainly the section for amateurs. We want to make it memorable and retainable.

  • We don't trade with items and we don't offer repair services.
  • Therefore we accept donations to complete our collection of HomeMovie equipment we have jet on stock.
  • We store and cataloguize the equipment as far as it is possible by this private initiative.
  • Our collected objets can be requested for loan accordingly a correspondent arrangement, only for exhibition.

Dear visitor,

after being introduced the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on 25th of May 2018, we have had to change the Avis-Online Form for Donations on this site. Now it is indispensable to get a password for the access. This password you will find on the correspondent place next site.

Of course it is possible to send us a donation without Avis. Please dispatch, in such a case, your package clearing freight and duty. Otherwise we can't accept your donation.

On the other side, we declare once more, this Internet sappam Presentation doesn't use Cookies at all. Other services, like Google Analytiks are not in use; even services from unknown server with Copyright fonts are not requested, using our pages.


Please keep attention to the European Union (EU) costumes regulations and there shipping instructions if your donation will be dispatched from outside of the EU. All shipments must be free of charge for us, post-paid.

  General information

A mailing label has been prepared to be printed on your computer,  print it before dispatching your voluntary donation!
Mailing which compromise us to pay any fees for mailing or C.O.D. services will be rejected.

For your attention, all brand names we us on this web-sides belong to there property owners, this are tradmarks, signs and designations by patent law.


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Brand new

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Skype: ulricheduard

Contact us: between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM CET workingdays

For the first contact via Skpe, please send us a sappam-based e-mail asking for a detailed information.